Good Reasons to Get a Topographical Survey for Your Property in Waller

topographical survey You may have hired a surveyor to perform a legal description of your property when you purchased it as a condition of your loan. A topographical survey is also performed by a surveyor; this is more comprehensive and provides additional information about the land layout, including both natural and manmade geographical features. This gives you measurement information on such features. Here’s when a topographical survey may come into play and how it can be beneficial.

Protect Your Investment from Water Damage

When you understand the topography of the land, you can more efficiently maintain adequate drainage and erosion issues. Your map shows where solutions like grading would be needed.

Expedite the Planning of New Construction

Whether you plan on a new commercial or residential construction, knowing the location of physical obstacles like slopes and creeks beforehand can assist in the planning of structure positioning and drainage. It also helps you prepare for excavation requirements. Knowing the soil type that’s present and its depth determines the machinery type required for upcoming construction.

To Ensure Compliance with Local Regulations

Local jurisdictions may require a topographical map as part of an application for building permits for your home or business. Even if you have an existing map, getting an updated one made by a professional surveyor is essential because land features change over time, and your map should be on par with the current property conditions.

Need a Topographical Survey of Your Land in Waller?

True Point Surveying has years of field experience in preparing highly detailed and technical surveys for residential and commercial property owners. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’re available for ALTA surveys, short plats, formal plats, site planning, and construction surveys. Contact us to set up a survey.

Expert Local Surveyor Serving Waller for Your Topographical Survey Needs

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How to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue

find a good surveyor bellevueWhether you’re selling or purchasing a residential property, dividing land for subdivisions, or settling a boundary dispute, the use of a surveyor can be of tremendous importance. The surveyor will produce a legal description of the property that fits your needs. Surveying is a highly specialized field, so it’s unlikely you know anyone personally that does this type of work. Here is how you can find a good surveyor in or near Bellevue if researching from scratch.

Get Recommendations from Real Estate Professionals

If you require a surveyor, ask real estate professionals you know for their expertise. Typically, realtors, title company representatives and lenders have all crossed paths and collaborated at one point or another. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

Ask About Experience

A surveyor is licensed to perform multiple survey types, including construction, boundary, ALTA, subdivision, design and topography. When contemplating a surveyor for your commercial or private needs, inquire about prior surveys they’ve completed. This ensures they are versed in the survey type you require.

Look for Transparency

Hire a surveyor who can describe the survey you need and what the process will entail in great detail. Not all surveyors are equal in their certifications and experience. Lenders and title companies may require surveyors qualified for performing very specific surveys.

Do You Need to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue?

True Point Surveying is the go-to team for surveys performed to professional standards without taking shortcuts. Our survey tips are diverse and include a plethora of information outlining the basics of property surveys and when and why surveyors are needed. Leave it to our team to perform a comprehensive survey of your land and provide the subsequent documentation.

Find a Good Surveyor Working for Bellevue Clients

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What is an ALTA Survey and Why Is it So Important in Seattle Real Estate?

 ALTA survey SeattleIf you’re contemplating a commercial real estate transaction, you may want to think about an ALTA survey. This is a land survey type approved by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Here is a basic primer of what an ALTA survey entails.

Who Can Prepare This Survey?

Only a licensed surveyor has the qualifications to perform this survey and prepare the documentation. Licensed surveyors out of Washington have the training and equipment to conduct commercial and residential surveys as set forth by regulating bodies.

What Does the Survey Include?

The surveyor will outline data and stats regarding the property boundaries, including the listing of key geographical features. Important facts like the location of the utility lines are listed in detail. It also includes any easements and reports where future easements might hinder possible expansion. You will receive the documents outlining the results. Documents may be available in both paper and digital formats.

When Do I Need This Kind of Survey?

For certain real estate purchases, this survey may be mandatory by law. Lenders in commercial real estate transactions may request this survey before approving the loan. Title companies may also request this survey. It’s all a part of the title insurance process.

Do You Need an ALTA Survey in Seattle?

True Point Surveying is a local surveying company providing a diverse range of surveying work. Some of our services include boundary and construction surveys, as well as engineering drafting. Leave it to us to perform the necessary surveying task and provide you with professionally prepared documents. Contact us today for a consultation or to set up an appointment.

Accurate and Timely ALTA Surveys for Seattle Real Estate Work

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When Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

man with surveying toolLand surveying isn’t exactly something you need every day. This explains why so many people gloss over its immense importance. A residential survey in Kent is an invaluable resource when you need an official way of obtaining documentation and maps regarding your property boundaries. Here are some of the scenarios that warrant a residential survey.

Buying or Selling Property

A surveyor can map out your property zone. In other words, you’ll have documentation of where the property begins and ends. This way, if you’re selling the land, you’ll have the paperwork needed for the buyer. Having the documents and maps handy may also sway negotiations in your favor. This also offsets potential property disputes with neighbors or city administrators. 

Making Improvements on Your Property

At some point, you may choose to make additions to your property, such as installing a fence or expanding the patio. In this instance, it’s important to know where the legal boundaries are for your property. This prevents you from possibly violating zoning laws or building over utility lines.

Refinancing, Mortgaging, or Insuring Your Property

A lender has to know precisely what they’re lending to a buyer or property owner. Surveyors provide official documentation that’s accepted by banks and other financial institutions. Likewise, insurance agencies may also require survey papers as a prerequisite for insuring your home.

Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

At True Point Surveying, we have the expertise and equipment to perform surveying work for subdivision and ALTA purposes. We conduct surveying work for both residential and commercial landowners. Entrust us for residential survey work if you need surveying done for the reasons above. We’re committed to precision and accuracy.

Highly Qualified Residential Survey Team Serving Kent

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What to Look For in Commercial Surveying Services in Tacoma

Commercial Surveying in TacomaA large number of commercial projects require surveying to improve the odds of successful construction. From construction to legal descriptions for the sale or acquisition of property, a professional surveyor can assist you in determining the size and boundaries of a parcel. Use the tips below to make sure you hire a dependable commercial surveying service.

Professional Qualifications

A surveyor usually holds a bachelor’s degree and a state license. New graduates complete hands-on work under the mentorship of an experienced surveyor before completing their final state license test. Continuing education is required in Washington state for surveyors to renew their licenses.

Responsive Service

Maybe you’re a business owner, project manager, or coordinator. Regardless, you probably have a busy schedule. A reputable surveyor provides flexibility, particularly when it comes to appointment setups. The surveyor will perform an initial evaluation of your land and give you an estimated time frame for completion.

A Well-Rounded Team

Your business needs will evolve over time. This may mean gradual project developments, and reliance on a surveyor more than once. It’s not uncommon for businesses to buy property and install new buildings, or expand an existing structure. It’s important that the company can provide adequate commercial surveying work in the long term.

Need a Commercial Surveying Service in Tacoma?

True Point Surveying provides clients with diverse services that encompass a number of commercial and residential surveying work. This includes essentials like site plans, mapping, boundary line establishment, and more. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest precision and accuracy. Contact us for survey tips and to set up an appointment for a commercial surveying service.

Commercial Surveying Service You Can Count On in Tacoma

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Why Do I Need a Property Survey When Buying a Home in the Puyallup Area?

Property Survey in Puyallup Multiple steps go into the home-acquisition process in Puyallup. From mortgage applications to home valuations, it can be an overwhelming process. One aspect you should also consider is a property survey. Arranging for a land survey prior to closing the sale can prevent major problems like land disputes. Learn of the benefits associated with a residential survey.

Ensure Accuracy

A survey gives you the peace of mind that the legal description of your property is complete and accurate. This can be valuable information for the real estate agent, as well as for insurance use. Knowing precisely where your property lines are located gives you a strong legal case in the event of encroachment concerns.

Understand The Opportunities and Limits of Your Property

If you purchase a home with plans for major renovations, such as a patio expansion or pool installation, then a survey is highly recommended. There have been instances of homeowners expanding their homes beyond property boundaries and later having to scale back their plans upon learning the expansion exceeded property lines.

Obtain Peace of Mind

When you survey the land prior to closing, you can see if the boundaries are in line with your expectations. If it doesn’t, you have a chance to resolve any issues with the seller beforehand.

Do You Need a Property Survey Before Buying a Home Near Puyallup?

We’re professional surveyors with state-issued credentials. The crew at True Point Surveying is ready to conduct a home property survey with industry precision. We have years of experience in residential and commercial surveying and a dedication to serving our clients with thorough service. Contact us today to arrange for a survey before closing a home transaction.

Skilled Property Survey Services for Homebuyers in the Puyallup Area

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What You Need to Know About Subdivision Surveying in Waller

Subdivision Surveying in WallerThere are various reasons property owners may elect to divide their land. It may be to sell off a portion of the property or to split up land ownership between the next of kin. However, people tend to have difficulty determining where their property boundaries lie. This is what subdivision surveying is for. Here’s what you need to know about how this surveying process works.

Local Regulations Apply to Lot Sizes

Most municipalities have regulations dictating the minimum lot sizes. Of course, other variables are in play, such as whether the land is designated for residential or commercial use. Upon surveying, you’ll have a better sense of how you can divide the land and how many lots to create.

You May Need Municipal Approval for Your Plans

Depending on your intentions, your project may have to undergo review from city administrators and engineering boards. Part of the review process may require you to submit documentation from a subdivision survey. This will yield the paperwork needed to get the application process moving.

It May Be Legally Required

All parties involved in the property transfer may have to submit legal filings. You should contact a surveyor early in the process so land can be subdivided, and the necessary documents be submitted.

Do You Need Subdivision Surveying in Waller? 

When you’re prepared to proceed with the arduous process of land subdivision, contact the team at True Point Surveying. We have many years of experience performing residential and commercial surveying. Aside from subdivision surveying in Waller, we also perform topographic surveying, mortgage location surveys, and more. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can be of service.

Schedule Professional Subdivision Surveying for Your Waller Property

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Handling Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

Resolving Boundary Disputes in PuyallapResidential land boundary disputes in Puyallup can be an arduous process that takes months to resolve. During that time, there may be lawyers involved, not to mention thousands of dollars in expenses to get the matter resolved. Here are some tips to ensure that such issues are resolved quickly and peacefully, or that they don’t occur at all.

Be Proactive

A good way to settle disputes is to ensure they don’t happen in the first place. This can be done by speaking with your neighbors to establish the boundary lines. Don’t install fencing or plant vegetation along this agreed-upon boundary without first consulting with your neighbor.

Seek Expert Advice

If the situation can’t be verbally resolved, then you may need a professional mediator. This can be achieved by hiring a residential surveying company. Some people may consider hiring a lawyer, but this can be cost-prohibitive. A land surveyor, though, may be able to resolve the dispute without pricey lawyers getting involved.

Obtain the Necessary Documentation

It’s a good idea to obtain documentation regardless of whether the case goes to court. If documentation is available, a surveyor can examine papers like deeds, historical documents, and aerial photographs to determine the precise point of the boundary. The right documents can be monumental in swaying a case in your favor.

Need Assistance with Boundary Disputes in Puyallup?

If you require assistance with boundary disputes in Puyallup, the team at True Point Surveying can help. We have a wealth of experience in residential and commercial surveying. Our surveying work has established boundary points and peacefully resolved disputes for homeowners and business owners alike. Contact us today to talk to one of our representatives about your land dispute.

Land Surveying Services for Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

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Types of Land Surveying Services in Parkland

Land Surveying in ParklandDo you need to schedule a land surveying service in Parkland? Did you know that professional surveyors provide a wide array of services? They’re needed for property-related matters, such as fence installation, land division, and property transfers. Here are instances that may warrant land surveying.

Mortgage Location Survey

Mortgage location land surveying is done during a home sale. The point is to acquire verification that the house and surrounding land are within property lines. The documentation is essential for preventing potential land disputes after the sale.

ALTA Survey

For commercial transactions (purchases, refinances, and improvements), lenders, title companies and attorneys may need a commercial surveying company to complete an ALTA survey. it’s crucial that the data provided from this survey is precise and accurate. In fact, the surveying company has to follow standards provided by the American Land Title Association.

Boundary Survey

As suggested in its name, a boundary survey identifies where a specific property begins and ends. This is especially vital if you have plans to expand the property with the future construction of new buildings and facilities. When completed, the surveyor will provide a detailed map of your property lines.

Topographic Survey

If you’re planning to expand property, you’ll likely also need a topographic land survey. This survey measures land elevations, which can influence residential and commercial construction.

Inquire About a Land Surveying Service in Parkland

Regardless of the type of surveying services you require, True Point Services can assist you. With years of industry experience, our technicians use the latest commercial equipment to acquire highly accurate measurements and results. Whether you require commercial or residential surveying, contact us to discuss the nature of your project.

Offering Land Surveying Service in Parkland

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Exercising Your Due Diligence During a Property Survey in Sumner

property survey sumnerWhat is your role during a property survey service in Sumner? You don’t have to do much, but there are some tasks you should perform during this all-important task. Here are some steps to take to minimize liability issues and potentially save yourself money, time, and frustration.

Request Multiple Quotes

Research property survey services in your region. It’s also a good practice to get more than one quote, preferably at least three. Aside from getting a good price offer, you can also weigh your options based on factors like customer courtesy, ratings, and number of years in service.

Attend the Survey

You’re not required to be present during the survey. However, it’s a good idea to be in attendance and let the surveying company know ahead of time. This applies to both residential and commercial surveying. This will help you learn more about the property you’re about to purchase or renovate. Also, you’ll be informed then and there if any issues come up.

Follow Up with Questions

While present at the survey, use the occasion to ask the surveyor any questions that come to mind. This is your chance to ask the professional upfront regarding the findings and results. Be sure to clarify anything you may not fully understand, such as property line boundaries. If current owners or partners are involved, you may want to follow up with these individuals as well.

Need a Property Survey Service in Sumner?

Purchasing or expanding property without a land survey can prove to be costly, especially if a land dispute was to arise. Contact the crew at True Point Surveying to have your land surveyed by an experienced team. We perform property survey service and other surveying work, including topography, ALTA surveys, and exhibit mapping. 

Sumner Property Survey Service

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