Questions to Ask a Land Surveying Company in Tacoma

land surveying company Is there a property you own that requires surveying in Tacoma? You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a land surveying company. Preferably, you should make an appointment with at least two companies. During the consultation, there are questions you should ask to help you decide on a company.

Are You Licensed?

First, confirm the company is licensed to practice in the state. Surveying is an intensive profession, and companies are required to go through a lengthy licensing and certification process. Should a boundary dispute occur between you and a neighbor, only a licensed surveyor can be called as a witness.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

On top of holding a license, the surveying company should ideally have several years of experience under its belt. The company should have ample experience performing both residential and commercial surveying. Experience minimizes the risk of errors and ensures you get what you pay for.

What Will I Receive After the Work Is Completed?

Inquire about the specific services you receive. This may differ slightly between companies. Be sure both you and the contractor are clear on the provisions before signing the contract. If you have special requests, be sure to bring them up early before the surveying begins.

Need a Land Surveying Company in Tacoma?

By asking the right questions, you’ll be better able to select a company compatible with your needs. Begin by contacting the team at True Point Services. We have the industry training and tools to perform commercial and residential surveying work to precise and highly accurate standards. Schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained and professional land surveyors today.

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Budgeting for Land Surveying Services in Puyallup

land surveying services Puyallup Planning for land surveying services in Puyallup can be a huge undertaking. Part of the planning includes setting a budget. The total cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the land, terrain features, etc. Here are some budgeting tips to keep in mind as you plan a land surveying project.

Research the Average Rate

Determine the average rate. This can vary significantly depending on the geolocation. Prices may also vary between residential and commercial surveying. The latter tends to cost more because there’s more land to survey by acre. Setting an average price range will give you a good reference point to work with.

Schedule Consultations

Schedule a live consultation with at least two land surveyors, preferably three. By consultation, this means the surveyor should actually come to your land to inspect the area in person. Upon an inspection, the surveyor should be able to provide an accurate quote. The more surveying companies you consult with the more price ranges you have to compare.

Consider Your Options Carefully

When looking for a commercial or residential land surveyor, the price shouldn’t be your sole consideration. It might be beneficial in the long run to pay slightly more for a company that has established roots in the locale. Years in the industry and customer ratings are additional factors to consider. 

Need Land Surveying Services in Puyallup?

Apply the above tips when searching for land surveying services in Puyallup or neighboring regions. Initiate the search by contacting True Point Services. Our experienced group of surveyors can provide an accurate assessment of your land. We have the tools and industry knowledge to perform all surveying work to high precision. 

Reliable Land Surveying Services in Puyallup

Serving Pierce, King & Thurston Counties, including Puyallup, Tacoma, Kent, Bonney Lake, Federal Way, Seattle, Bellevue, Waller, Fife, Edgewood, Sumner & Parkland 

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Good Reasons to Get a Topographical Survey for Your Property in Waller

topographical survey While you may have hired a surveyor to prepare a legal description of your property when you purchased it as a condition of your loan, a topographical survey offers additional details that are important for you to know. This specialized kind of survey includes natural characteristics and features of the land, both man-made and naturally occurring. You’ll have a record of the height, depth and size of these features. The map will also indicate their position and slope on your land. Here’s why it matters.

Protect Your Investment from Damaging Water

When you understand the topography of your property, you can better manage drainage and erosion concerns. Your map will indicate where solutions like grading would be appropriate.

Expedite the Planning of New Construction

Whether you plan on a new commercial or residential construction, knowing the location of physical obstacles like slopes and creeks in advance can improve your planning of structure positioning and drainage. It also helps you plan for excavation needs. Understanding the kind of soil that’s present and its depth dictates what kind of heavy equipment is needed and for how long to do the job.

To Ensure Compliance with Local Regulations

Some local governments may require a topographical map as part of your application for building or improvement permits for your home or business. Even if you have an old map, getting a new one created by a local surveyor is important because the features of land can change over time, and your map should match the current conditions of your property.

Will You Need a Topographical Survey of Your Land in Waller?

True Point Surveying has decades of experience in preparing highly detailed and technical surveys for residential and commercial clients. Licensed, bonded and insured, we are also available for ALTA surveys, short plats, formal plats, site planning and construction surveys. If a topographical survey would help you resolve property concerns about drainage, construction or permit applications, contact us for assistance today.

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How to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue

find a good surveyor bellevue Whether you are selling or buying a home, dividing a parcel for subdivisions or settling a boundary dispute, the help of a surveyor is invaluable. Your surveyor will prepare a legal description of the property suitable for your needs. Even if you don’t know of anyone who performs this service yourself–it’s a pretty specialized field–here’s how to find a good surveyor.

Get Recommendations from Real Estate Professionals

When you need to hire a surveyor, ask real estate professionals you know for advice. In many cases, real estate agents, title company representatives and lenders have all crossed paths with related industry professionals. They will likely know who to call and who to avoid. 

Ask About Experience

A surveyor is trained and licensed to carry out multiple types of surveys, including construction, boundary, ALTA, subdivision, design and topography. When considering a surveyor for your commercial or residential project, ask about previous surveys they’ve done of the type you need to ensure they have the right kind of background.

Look for Transparency

Seek out a surveyor who is clear on what kind of survey you will receive and its purpose. Not all surveys are alike; lenders and title companies may have specific requirements they need on a survey before they can complete a loan transaction or issue title insurance.

Do You Need to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue?

True Point Surveying is your local provider of high-quality residential and commercial surveys that include ALTA, construction, boundary, subdivision and more. Our licensed and insured team has a combined 80 years of experience that include site plans and contract drafting, too. When you need to find a good surveyor, contact us to learn more about our qualifications and services.

Find a Good Surveyor Working for Bellevue Clients

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What is an ALTA Survey and Why Is it So Important in Seattle Real Estate?

ALTA survey Seattle If you’re considering a commercial real estate purchase, you may be thinking about whether you need an ALTA survey. This kind of survey follows American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors standards. Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know.

Who Can Prepare This Survey?

Only a licensed surveyor is qualified to assess a parcel of land and prepare this kind of specialized report. A licensed surveyor in the state of Washington has met education and work experience standards and passed a licensing exam for residential and commercial surveying.

What Does the Survey Include?

Your surveyor will describe the property and its boundaries as well as a full description that outlines key features. The survey includes structures like buildings and the location of utilities. It also includes any existing easements and documents where future easements might limit potential development.

When Do I Need This Kind of Survey?

For some real estate transactions, this survey may be required. Lenders who are part of commercial real estate transactions may require this survey before finalizing the loan. Title companies may also want this survey. It can be part of the title insurance process.

Do You Need an ALTA Survey in Seattle?

True Point Surveying is a locally owned, licensed and insured company offering a wide range of surveying services for all of your commercial and residential real estate needs. From construction and boundary surveys to engineering drafting layout and exhibit mapping, we are your source for reliable, on-time and courteous service. Contact us today to learn more about our ALTA survey capabilities.

Accurate and Timely ALTA Surveys for Seattle Real Estate Work

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When Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

man with surveying tool Hiring a surveyor isn’t something that property owners need to do very often so it’s easy to overlook the importance of it. A residential survey is a valuable way to document the state of your property, though, and can be required for some property-related business. Read on to learn some common times when you need a residential surveyor.

Buying or Selling Property

Hiring a surveyor establishes accurate boundaries so both parties can have confidence in the shape and area of the parcel changing hands. Any applicable easements and encroachments will be identified. This is helpful to reduce the possibility of future property access or boundary disputes.

Making Improvements on Your Property

Over time, you may decide to put on an addition, install a fence or subdivide your land, and a residential survey can make the process easier. Knowing your legal boundaries keeps your improvements on your own property with appropriate setbacks in compliance with zoning laws. A surveyor’s markings put construction in the right place and avoid hazards that come with building over utility lines.

Refinancing, Mortgaging or Insuring Your Property

A lender needs to know exactly what they’re giving a buyer or property owner money for to ensure the value of the parcel is in line with the amount being lent. A survey provides a full legal description that’s usually acceptable to and required by banks and lenders. Likewise, doing business with an insurance company may require similar information, plus a surveyor’s elevation certificate, to decide whether to cover your property and how.

Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

At True Point Surveying, we have extensive experience in preparing both commercial and residential surveys for construction, boundary, subdivision and ALTA purposes, as well as legal descriptions and engineering drafting layouts. Our professional team is well-versed in all aspects of surveying and we’re committed to high standards of excellence in serving every client. Contact us today for your residential survey and allow us to provide you with efficient and accurate results you can rely on.

Highly Qualified Residential Survey Team Serving Kent

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What to Look For in Commercial Surveying Services in Tacoma

Commercial Surveying in Tacoma A wide range of commercial projects require surveying to increase the chances of successful completion. From construction to legal descriptions for the sale or purchase of property, a highly qualified surveyor can help you identify the size and type of a parcel. Use these tips to make sure you hire the right commercial surveying services.

Professional Qualifications

A surveyor typically holds a bachelor’s degree and a state license. New graduates complete hands-on work under the supervision of a licensed surveyor before qualifying for their final state licensing exam. Continuing education is required in the state of Washington for surveyors to renew their licenses.

Responsive Service

Whether you’re a business owner, project manager or coordinator, you’ve probably got a packed schedule. A good surveying company will be flexible and able to accommodate you in setting up appointments for service. They’ll also be punctual and complete necessary tasks with efficiency and accuracy, respecting other demands on your time.

A Well-Rounded Team

As your business needs grow and change over time, you may need to turn to a surveyor more than once. Perhaps you’re buying a property with an existing structure today, but you have expansion plans that include purchasing an empty lot to build a new location. When you hire a company with extensive experience, you ensure the team can handle your commercial surveying work long-term, even as those needs evolve.

Do You Need the Services of a Commercial Surveying Team in Tacoma?

True Point Surveying offers clients a wide range of surveying services for commercial and residential projects. Whether it’s for boundary lines, plat maps, legal descriptions or site plans, our experienced and credentialed team has the tools and experience to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. When you’re ready to put your commercial business plans into action, contact us for all of your commercial surveying needs.

Commercial Surveying Services You Can Count On in Tacoma

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Why Do I Need a Property Survey When Buying a Home in the Puyallup Area?

Property Survey in Puyallup Many steps go into the home-buying process. From mortgage applications to home inspections and title searches, it can feel like a never-ending process. But ensuring that you have a property survey performed before the closing can increase the likelihood that you’ll enjoy many years of hassle-free living in your new home.

Ensure Accuracy

A survey allows you to have confidence that the legal description of your property is complete and correct. This can be important information for your mortgage lender, as well as for insurance purposes. Understanding exactly where your property lines lie can help you deal with encroachment concerns in the appropriate manner. 

Understand The Opportunities and Limits of Your Property

If you are buying a house with the idea that you might invest in an addition someday or add a pool to better meet your needs, you’ll want to know how the required setbacks from the property line could affect your plans. A property survey will also determine if there are any easements on the land you plan on buying. These can include uses like parking, walking trails or utility purposes.

Obtain Peace of Mind

When you have your property surveyed before buying, you have the chance to make sure it fulfills your expectations; and if it doesn’t, there are many avenues that allow you to correct any of its newly uncovered problems. Sometimes, the seller can even resolve the issue before the property changes hands. 

Do You Need a Property Survey Before Buying a Home Near Puyallup?

As professional surveyors with state-issued credentials, the team at True Point Surveying is prepared to carry out your residential property survey with utmost care and high-tech tools. We have decades of experience in residential and commercial surveying and a demonstrated commitment to serving our customers with prompt and thorough service. Contact us today to schedule your property survey before buying your home.


Skilled Property Survey Services for Prospective Homebuyers in the Puyallup Area

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What You Need to Know About Subdivision Surveying in Waller

Subdivision Surveying in Waller There are lots of reasons property owners choose to divide up a parcel of land. In some cases, it’s to sell off pieces, while in others, it’s to provide land for family members. But property owners can’t typically decide for themselves where the boundary lines are for a lot. That’s where subdivision surveying comes in. Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

Local Regulations Apply to Lot Sizes

In most municipalities, laws dictate minimum lot sizes. There may be additional considerations, such as whether the land is zoned for residential or business use, that will affect what the minimum lot size is. When you have subdivision surveying done, you’ll know exactly what your options are for dividing your parcel into the desired number of lots.

You May Need Municipal Approval for Your Plans

Depending on your final intentions for the land, your project may be subject to the review and approval of municipal planning, zoning and/or engineering boards. For them to properly evaluate and assess your plans, you’ll usually need to submit subdivision surveys. Providing accurate information can help a municipal board make decisions efficiently so you can move forward.

It May Be Legally Required

The parties involved in any property transfer or sale may be required to include a land survey with their legal filings documenting the transaction. For this reason, a surveyor should be contacted early in the process of subdividing your land.

Do You Need Subdivision Surveying in Waller? 

When you’re ready to consider subdividing your land in Waller, contact True Point Surveying. Our team has years of experience in conducting and preparing the survey documentation you need to achieve your residential and commercial real estate goals. We also offer mortgage location surveys, legal description preparation, construction surveys and topographic surveys. Contact us today to learn more about arranging a subdivision survey in Waller.

Schedule a Professional Subdivision Survey for Your Waller Property

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Handling Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

Resolving Boundary Disputes in Puyallap Residential land boundary disputes in Puyallup can be time consuming and expensive. The following tips can help you avoid and/or resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

Be Proactive

The best way to handle boundary disputes it to avoid them altogether. You can often do this by establishing a clear boundary line with your neighbors. Never install new shrubbery or fencing along your property line without first discussing it with the nearby party or parties.

Seek Expert Advice

If you find yourself unable to avoid the situation, it’s probably a good idea to get a professional involved. Consider hiring a surveying company to map your property. Court fees can be extremely high, but an expert in the field may be able to offer advice that will help you resolve the boundary dispute without legal representation.

Obtain the Necessary Documentation

Whether your boundary dispute goes to court or not, it’s still important to obtain documentation on your property. A qualified professional can survey the land, check available deeds, assess aerial photographs and refer to historical documents to determine an accurate property line. The final report can be instrumental in moving forward with your case.

Need Help with a Boundary Dispute in Puyallup?

If you need assistance with a boundary dispute in Puyallup, the professionals at True Point Surveying can help. We have years of experience conducting boundary surveys and can ensure you have the correct documentation needed for your case. Additionally, our technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment to conduct mortgage location surveys, topographic surveying, legal description preparation and construction surveying services. Contact us today to speak with a professional about your situation.

Offering Land Surveying Services for Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

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