Why Is a Property Survey so Important in Seattle?

property survey in SeattleDo you have plans for surveying services for an impending land development project in or near Seattle? You need a property survey if you have excavation work scheduled for a parcel of land. There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t overlook professional surveying. The following reasons are applicable to both home and commercial surveying projects.

Provides a Better Understanding of the Property

The primary reason landowners enlist surveying services is to get a better understanding of the property. While not required, we suggest that you remain present when the survey is in progress. This way,  you can ask questions and see how the process works first-hand.

Prevents Costly Mistakes

Real estate and construction mishaps are a possibility. There have been scenarios of contractors constructing on the wrong land or making other catastrophic mistakes. A pre-construction survey minimizes the odds of this happening.

Protects Your Investment

Purchasing property or building a home is a serious investment. You want to safeguard this investment in the event of a mistake. Having the documentation that you surveyed the land can be a valuable legal asset in the event you go to civil court with the construction company or a neighbor. It shows that you actively took precautions to prevent the error from occurring.

Need to Schedule a Property Survey in Seattle?

Now that you know why a property survey is so important in Seattle, contact the team at True Point Surveying. We have a Land Surveyor Certificate from Washington State that legally allows us to conduct both residential surveying and commercial surveys. We have the tools and knowledge to perform surveying work to the highest industry regulations.

Reliable Property Survey from a Professional

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