Good Reasons to Get a Topographical Survey for Your Property in Waller

topographical survey You may have hired a surveyor to perform a legal description of your property when you purchased it as a condition of your loan. A topographical survey is also performed by a surveyor; this is more comprehensive and provides additional information about the land layout, including both natural and manmade geographical features. This gives you measurement information on such features. Here’s when a topographical survey may come into play and how it can be beneficial.

Protect Your Investment from Water Damage

When you understand the topography of the land, you can more efficiently maintain adequate drainage and erosion issues. Your map shows where solutions like grading would be needed.

Expedite the Planning of New Construction

Whether you plan on a new commercial or residential construction, knowing the location of physical obstacles like slopes and creeks beforehand can assist in the planning of structure positioning and drainage. It also helps you prepare for excavation requirements. Knowing the soil type that’s present and its depth determines the machinery type required for upcoming construction.

To Ensure Compliance with Local Regulations

Local jurisdictions may require a topographical map as part of an application for building permits for your home or business. Even if you have an existing map, getting an updated one made by a professional surveyor is essential because land features change over time, and your map should be on par with the current property conditions.

Need a Topographical Survey of Your Land in Waller?

True Point Surveying has years of field experience in preparing highly detailed and technical surveys for residential and commercial property owners. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’re available for ALTA surveys, short plats, formal plats, site planning, and construction surveys. Contact us to set up a survey.

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