When Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

man with surveying toolLand surveying isn’t exactly something you need every day. This explains why so many people gloss over its immense importance. A residential survey in Kent is an invaluable resource when you need an official way of obtaining documentation and maps regarding your property boundaries. Here are some of the scenarios that warrant a residential survey.

Buying or Selling Property

A surveyor can map out your property zone. In other words, you’ll have documentation of where the property begins and ends. This way, if you’re selling the land, you’ll have the paperwork needed for the buyer. Having the documents and maps handy may also sway negotiations in your favor. This also offsets potential property disputes with neighbors or city administrators. 

Making Improvements on Your Property

At some point, you may choose to make additions to your property, such as installing a fence or expanding the patio. In this instance, it’s important to know where the legal boundaries are for your property. This prevents you from possibly violating zoning laws or building over utility lines.

Refinancing, Mortgaging, or Insuring Your Property

A lender has to know precisely what they’re lending to a buyer or property owner. Surveyors provide official documentation that’s accepted by banks and other financial institutions. Likewise, insurance agencies may also require survey papers as a prerequisite for insuring your home.

Do You Need a Residential Survey in Kent?

At True Point Surveying, we have the expertise and equipment to perform surveying work for subdivision and ALTA purposes. We conduct surveying work for both residential and commercial landowners. Entrust us for residential survey work if you need surveying done for the reasons above. We’re committed to precision and accuracy.

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