Handling Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

Resolving Boundary Disputes in PuyallapResidential land boundary disputes in Puyallup can be an arduous process that takes months to resolve. During that time, there may be lawyers involved, not to mention thousands of dollars in expenses to get the matter resolved. Here are some tips to ensure that such issues are resolved quickly and peacefully, or that they don’t occur at all.

Be Proactive

A good way to settle disputes is to ensure they don’t happen in the first place. This can be done by speaking with your neighbors to establish the boundary lines. Don’t install fencing or plant vegetation along this agreed-upon boundary without first consulting with your neighbor.

Seek Expert Advice

If the situation can’t be verbally resolved, then you may need a professional mediator. This can be achieved by hiring a residential surveying company. Some people may consider hiring a lawyer, but this can be cost-prohibitive. A land surveyor, though, may be able to resolve the dispute without pricey lawyers getting involved.

Obtain the Necessary Documentation

It’s a good idea to obtain documentation regardless of whether the case goes to court. If documentation is available, a surveyor can examine papers like deeds, historical documents, and aerial photographs to determine the precise point of the boundary. The right documents can be monumental in swaying a case in your favor.

Need Assistance with Boundary Disputes in Puyallup?

If you require assistance with boundary disputes in Puyallup, the team at True Point Surveying can help. We have a wealth of experience in residential and commercial surveying. Our surveying work has established boundary points and peacefully resolved disputes for homeowners and business owners alike. Contact us today to talk to one of our representatives about your land dispute.

Land Surveying Services for Boundary Disputes in Puyallup

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