How to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue

find a good surveyor bellevueWhether you are selling or buying a home, dividing a parcel for subdivisions or settling a boundary dispute, the help of a surveyor is invaluable. Your surveyor will prepare a legal description of the property suitable for your needs. Even if you don’t know of anyone who performs this service yourself–it’s a pretty specialized field–here’s how to find a good surveyor.

Get Recommendations from Real Estate Professionals

When you need to hire a surveyor, ask real estate professionals you know for advice. In many cases, real estate agents, title company representatives and lenders have all crossed paths with related industry professionals. They will likely know who to call and who to avoid. 

Ask About Experience

A surveyor is trained and licensed to carry out multiple types of surveys, including construction, boundary, ALTA, subdivision, design and topography. When considering a surveyor for your commercial or residential project, ask about previous surveys they’ve done of the type you need to ensure they have the right kind of background.

Look for Transparency

Seek out a surveyor who is clear on what kind of survey you will receive and its purpose. Not all surveys are alike; lenders and title companies may have specific requirements they need on a survey before they can complete a loan transaction or issue title insurance.

Do You Need to Find a Good Surveyor Near Bellevue?

True Point Surveying is your local provider of high-quality residential and commercial surveys that include ALTA, construction, boundary, subdivision and more. Our licensed and insured team has a combined 80 years of experience that include site plans and contract drafting, too. When you need to find a good surveyor, contact us to learn more about our qualifications and services.

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