Understanding Property Surveying in Fife

property surveying fife Is your mortgage company requiring property surveying prior to buying a home in Fife? Because not all mortgage companies require this process, it can seem like a hassle when you first find out about it. Fortunately, it doesn’t actually take that much to hire a surveying company to complete the necessary survey. Here’s what you need to know moving forward.

Property Survey Basics

What is property surveying? Mortgage companies generally request a survey to ensure the property in question is actually worth the amount being requested. The process requires a property surveyor to research the area, deed history and title. He or she will then visit the property and sketch the land, its boundaries and any important elements.

Due Diligence

Plan to attend the survey process. This will give you the opportunity to see first-hand the boundaries of the property. Additionally, the surveyors can point out any potential problems and you can ask pertinent questions about the findings.


If required by your mortgage company, land surveying is actually very important. Having accurate and up-to-date documentation that you have verified in person can save you a lot of time and hassle. It can ensure you aren’t overcharged for a piece of property.  It can also save you from mistakenly building on a neighbor’s land.

Need Professional Property Surveying Services in Fife?

Fife residents regularly depend on the highly trained and experienced specialists at True Point Surveying for assistance with property surveying services. Our experienced surveyors offer many other residential and commercial services, including construction surveying, boundary surveying, ALTA surveying, topography, exhibit mapping, legal description preparation and much more. Contact us today to discuss your surveying needs with a professional. We’ll answer any of your questions and provide a quote for your project.

Professional Property Surveying Services in Fife

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