Typical Land Surveyor Duties in Waller

land surveyor waller How familiar are you with the duties of a land surveyor in Waller? Gaining a basic understanding of the position and the tasks these professionals complete can be quite helpful if you’re planning a project that will require the service of a surveying company. The more you know ahead of time, the more smoothly and efficiently your discussions will go. It’s important to realize that land surveyors can perform a number of tasks, but their primary responsibilities consist of measuring, communicating and dividing land. 

Construction Surveying

While every project is different, it’s common for construction companies to hire a land surveyor. Jobs like this generally consist of measuring and mapping walls, roads, buildings and utilities. The information is then passed on to construction personnel for work and safety purposes.

ALTA Surveying

ALTA surveying is a little more involved. This type of work requires a land surveyor to assess all the topographical and legal features of a piece of property. The ultimate goal is to help title companies and banks issue ALTA insurance policies.

Boundary Surveying

There are a few factors involved in boundary surveying, but it mostly consists of legal and field research. The land surveyor maps a particular area in order to provide parameter details to landowners and sellers.

Want to Speak with a Land Surveyor in Waller?

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